. Action Plans
Action Palns

Overview of The Coordinator’s Workshop

  • A two day workshop for the APNGC co ordinators were conducted on the 27th & 28th of Feb to sensitize the participants on the vision, mission and proposed action of APNGC towards creating an environmental awareness among the school students in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The participants comprised the APNGC members and the WWF staff.
  • Through various activities and discussions the participants were made aware of the importance of this initiative and the modus operandi was discussed at length.
  • The two day session ended with designing of action plans by the coordinators to carry the mission forward.

Consolidated Action Plan of NGC Co-ordinators

  • Identification of district wise Master Trainers.

  • Identifying green teachers in each school (district wise).

  • Formation of Eco Clubs in every school.
  • Formation of students group relating to the different aspects of environmental protection, conservation, prevention and hygiene.
  • Act as facilitators for the master trainers and schools in regard to training and activities respectively.


3250 schools will be actively engaged in this green movement.

Activity Catalogue

  • Seminars, debates, symposium and talks on environmental issues
  • Field visits to environmentally challenged areas such as polluted and degraded sites
  • Visits to wild life parks, sanctuaries, forests and other areas of natural interest
  • Pursue activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drive within and outside school premises
  • Involve in kitchen gardening, water harvesting, building bird houses, composting, paper recycling
  • Organize sanitation and hygiene awareness programmes with the help of posters, slogan writing

Intervention Snapshot

  • Selection of District coordinators.
  • Selection of schools by the DEOs.
  • Identification of master trainers at the district level.
  • Nomination of green teachers by HM.
  • Formation of Eco Club and enrolment of students as members.
  • Train the Trainers programme – Master trainer to train the green teachers.
  • Training of Master trainers.
  • Commencement and continuity of phase wise activities in schools by the teachers.

Going Forward

  • NGC proposes the creation of a blog and digital newsletter to showcase the best practices, performance, activities, achievements and the creative talents of the green brigade.

Annual Calender

Month Schedule
April / May
  • 1. Identification of Master Trainers and Green Teachers

  • 2. Formation of Eco Clubs

  • Projects and activities related to Pollution

  • 1. cause and prevention

  • 2. indicators of pollution

  • 3. measures to control

  • Projects and activities related to:

  • 1. The role of forest to maintain the ecological balance

  • 2. Impact on bio diversity due to deforestation

  • 3. Causes of deforestation

  • 4. Control measures

  • Projects and activities related to:

  • 1. Aquatic life

  • 2. Source of water and pollution

  • 3. Water borne diseases

  • 4. Preventive measures

  • 5. Conservation

  • Projects and activities related to::

  • 1. Segregation of waste

  • 2. Waste management- best practices

  • 3. Recycling of waste

  • 4. Innovative measures

  • Projects and activities related to:

  • 1. Role of energy in the eco system

  • 2. Types of energy resources

  • 3. Global warming & it’s effect on climate

  • 4. Energy crisis & conservation

  • 5. Future Energy

  • Projects and activities related to:

  • 1. Food Chain

  • 2. Junk food Vs healthy food

  • 3. Balanced diet

  • 1. Frescoes

  • 2. Graffiti

  • 1. On any of the themes covered throughout the year

  • 1. Creating environmental awareness among people in the respective locality

  • District level competition on the following events:

  • 1. Creative Writing

  • 2. Painting / Collage/ Poster making/ Model making

  • 3. Quiz/ Debate

  • 4. Innovations

  • 5. Presentations of projects undertaken during the year on various themes
  • A state level competition with the winners from the district level

  • Evaluation on the basis of performance, achievements and documentation

Special Days

Month Date Event Activity
February 2nd Feb World Wetland Day Visit to nearby wetlands
March 3rd World Wildlife Day Visit to the Zoo
21st World Forestry Day Visit to the Botanical gardens to conduct a study
22nd World Water Day Save Water Campaign
April 22nd Earth Day Poster Making/ Seminar
May 22nd International Bio Diversity Day Project on species diversity
June 5th World Environment Day Cleanliness drive and Beautification
8th World Ocean Day Project on “Saving Oceans” from man made catastrophe
July 11th World Population Day Debate on population implosion and its effect on environment
September 16th International Ozone Layer Prevention Day Creating awareness on discarding use of plastic bags/ project on global warming
24th World Rivers Day Project on major rivers in the region
October 1st-8th World National World Life Week Nature Camp
4th World Animal Day Project on endangered species
November 21st World Fisheries Day Project on Wetlands/ Visit to Bird sanctuary
December 5th World Soil Day Knowing different types of soil and soil testing