. NGO Activities


S.No Program Name Actions
1 Tsunami Commemoration Day note
2 World Wet Land Day Note
3 MoEF&CC World Environment Day 2018 theme "Beat Plastic Pollution"
4 MoEF&CC World Ozone Day 2017 & Competitions Note
5 District Coordinators Training workshop on 27th & 28th, February, 2017 at DIET Engineering college, Vijayawada
6 World Wild Life day on 3rd March, 2017 at Visakhapatnam
7 World Sparrow Day on 20th March, 2017
8 World Forestry Day on 21st March, 2017
9 World Water Day on 22nd March, 2017
10 APNGC organized Earth Hour on 25th March, 2017
11 APNGC Organized World Earth Day on 22nd April, 2017
12 APNGC Organized Nature Camp on 15th April, 2017
13 APNGC Organized Summer Camp from 30-04-2017 to 12-05-2017
14 APNGC Organized World Environment Day on 5th June, 2017
15 APNGC Participating in the Vanam- Manam on 1st July, 2017
16 APNGC Organized One day workshop on 12th July, 2017 to District Coordinators on GSP at Vijayawada
17 APNGC Celebrate the Clay Ganesh Chaturdhi in Eco Friendly way on 25th August, 2017
18 Ozone Day Competitions winners awarded by Hon'ble EFS&T Minister Sri. Siddha Raghavara Rao Garu
19 APNGC Conducted World Ozone Day on 16-09-2017
20 APNGC participating in the Karthika Vana Samaradhana on 04-011-2017
21 APNGC Conducting TOT Workshop on GSP at Tirupati on 15-12-2017
22 APNGC Organized Tsunami Commemoration Rally on 26-12-2017
23 APNGC Organized TOT Workshop on GSP at Visakhapatnam on 24-01-2018
24 APNGC Organized World Wet lands Day on 02-02-2018
25 APNGC Conducting TOT Workshop on GSP at Vijayawada on 27-02-2018
26 APNGC Organized World Earth Hour on 24-03-2018
27 APNGC Organized World Earth Day on 22-04-2018
28 APNGC Organized Nature Camp at Coringa Wild life Sanctuary on 30-03-2018
29 APNGC - New year 2018 calendar opening in 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh
30 APNGC - World Environment Day, 2018 - Poster and Pamphlets
31 River/ Beach cleaning programme inconnection with the World Environment Day 2018 celebrations
32 APNGC participated in the Vanamahotsavam 2018 in all 13 Districts of AP
33 APNGC participated in Vanam Manam at Raintree Park, Guntur on 25-08-2018
34 APNGC Celebrates Ganesh Chaturdi at Nellore on 13-09-2018 in Eco-friendly way to create awareness about water pollution in society
35 APNGC Celebrates the Nature Camp for orphan Students in 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh
36 APNGC celebrates Harit Diwali Swasth Diwali on 07-11-2018
37 APNGC organized Jami, Sarada, Godavari rivers Cleaning and plastic Free Schools programme under the swachata action plan


  • Seminars, debates, symposium and talks on environmental issues
  • Field visits to environmentally challenged areas such as polluted and degraded sites
  • Visits to wild life parks, sanctuaries, forests and other areas of natural interest
  • Pursue activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drive within and outside school premises
  • Involve in kitchen gardening, water harvesting, building bird houses, composting, paper recycling
  • Organize sanitation and hygiene awareness programmes with the help of posters, slogan writing

Intervention Snapshot

  • Selection of District coordinators.
  • Selection of schools by the DEOs.
  • Identification of master trainers at the district level.
  • Nomination of green teachers by HM.
  • Formation of Eco Club and enrolment of students as members.
  • Train the Trainers programme – Master trainer to train the green teachers.
  • Training of Master trainers.
  • Commencement and continuity of phase wise activities in schools by the teachers.

Going Forward

  • NGC proposes the creation of a blog and digital newsletter to showcase the best practices, performance, activities, achievements and the creative talents of the green brigade.